The Ultimate Pencil Carry


I wasn’t even into pencils. I didn’t know a Blackwing Pearl from a Golden Bear, or an HB from R2D2.

But I received a free pencil with an order after finally succumbing to Field Notes. Same with the purchase of notebooks from Write Notepads & Co. And then I ordered the Write Notepads Jumbo pencils because they looked like fun. Then I bought a sample pack from, which included the infamous Blackwing 602. And then, of course, I had to have the Classroom Friendly sharpener. All along I had been listening to the Erasable podcast, with their infectious obsession. I was hooked.

The problem, however, was how to carry these new treasures with me. Something needs to protect that freshly sharpened tip and prevent graphite from smearing the inside of a bag. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of ordering special caps and I didn’t need something as large as a pencil case.

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Here, Hon, Have a Notebook: Write Notepads & Co. Notebooks


How could I resist? One of the notebooks made by Write Notepads & Co. features an image of the U.S.S. Constellation. I purchased two of these and really like them. And then I bought some of their other designs.

The notebooks are made in Baltimore with all U.S.-sourced material. For every one sold, the company donates a notebook of a different type to a Baltimore school. There’s a code inside the notebook you buy that when entered on their website will show you which school benefited from your purchase. They sell a limited-edition Baltimore one, and have a series on the boroughs of New York.

These are fun, useful, sturdy notebooks. They are 8.5″ by 5.5″, with nicely letterpressed covers. They have 120 pages (60 leaves). There’s no nonsense here. They’re spiral notebooks the way they’re supposed to be made. They say simply, “Here, hon, have a notebook.”  They’re charming.

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