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My story “N0072-JK1: Study of Synaptic Response of the Organism to Spontaneous Stimulation of Vulnerability Zones. Photographic Analysis.,” first published in the anthology Borderlands 5, has been reprinted in The Ghost Box, edited by Patton Oswalt and published by Hingston & Olsen Publishing.

Ron Charles of The Washington Post has a review of the anthology here, as well as an excellent video on Twitter.

Like a Cat in a China Pantry

Had I not been a thorough lubber, I should have remembered half a hundred things worthy of remembrance, which have all been lost, because, though I do indeed know the binnacle from the mainmast, I know little more: tackle and sheets, and tally and belay, are alike to me; and if you ask me about the lee-clue garnets, I can only tell that they are not the same kind of garnets as are worn in necklaces and bracelets; and so fine facts have been lost, because I did not know where to store them in the ship, or in my recollection-closet up-stairs. There is something ridiculous, and something like quackery in writing thus about what I so little understand. I walk among sea terms as a cat does in a china pantry, in bodily fear of doing mischief, and betraying myself; and yet there will come a good book of it, I verily believe.

Robert Southey, letter to Captain Southey, 1812

Photo: ACF

A Guessing Game of Thrones

I wonder. I have a guess about George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy epic, given clues sprinkled throughout the books. I’ll lay them out here in numbered points. Warning: here be spoilers for all the books and the HBO series, but only in clues I think are there, not for my guess. I’m probably wrong. It’s just a little theory I’ve had for a long time.

I’ve read all the books — the first three twice over — but have seen only the first three seasons of the show (lack of cable television prohibits more for now.) I don’t visit online forums, so I’m not sure if this has been put forth by others. I’m told not, but that was nearly a year ago. I’m a fan of the books and put this down here as part of my admiration for the scope of the story. Again…


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