In Memory

"Space: 1999"

Gerry Anderson
1929 — 2012

Gerry Anderson, with his wife Sylvia, was the creator of the television series “Space: 1999.” His obituaries will focus on “Thunderbirds,” but I’m a huge fan of “Space: 1999” and that’s what I know him by. Yes, even after 38 years, I’m still a fan.

Pictured here are some prized possessions from my bookshelves.

Thank you, Mr. Anderson, for “Space: 1999.” I always wanted to live on Moonbase Alpha. I still do.

In Memory

Harry Harrison
1925 — 2012

It’s with heavier and heavier heart that I write these “In Memory” posts. There’s so little to say, when it’s really about the books — the books. And so we remember and keep our shelves as free of dust as best we can. As time passes, they transform into little iconic shrines to our past selves. As time passes, it becomes more difficult to touch those old paperbacks. But we remember.

Here are some more little treasures from my shelves.

In Memory


Ray Bradbury
1920 — 2012

I’ve long held the belief that there’s a little bit of Ray Bradbury in every practitioner of speculative fiction writing today. You can see it; you can hear it — in any whirling, exuberant description, and in clamshell-tight ones too; in pinpoint evocations; in memory and emotion; in every falling autumn leaf. He is there, and always will be. We don’t stand on the shoulders of giants. We stand beside them and look up in admiration. We hope we can honor the paths they trod.

I loved it when he talked about writing. In an interview on the Fahrenheit 451 DVD, he said that everything about his books was unplanned, “a passion, a madness, a great love.”

Hard to think of better writing advice than that.

(Pictured: two treasured books from my shelves.)