International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Talk Like a Real Pirate 4

“When the Ship came out to Sea, Lowther call’d up all the Company, and told them, it was the greatest Folly imaginable, to think of returning to England, for what they had already done, could not be justified upon any Pretence whatsoever, but would be look’d upon, in the Eye of the Law, [as] a capital Offence, and that none of them were in a Condition to withstand the Attacks of such powerful Adversaries, as they would meet with at Home; for his Part he was determined not to run such a Hazard, and therefore if his Proposal was not agreed to, he desired to be set ashore in some Place of Safety: That they had a good Ship under them, a Parcel of Brave Fellows in her, that it was not their Business to starve, or be made Slaves; and therefore, if they were all of his Mind, they should seek their Fortunes upon the Seas, as other Adventurers had done before them. They one and all came into the Measures, knocked down the Cabins, made the Ship flush fore and aft, prepared black Colours, new named her, the Delivery, having about 50 Hands and 16 Guns, and … Articles were drawn up, signed and sworn to upon the Bible.”

A General History of the Pyrates, Captain Johnson

Photo: ACF