Capclave 2011

Capclave 2011 was held from Oct. 14 to 16 at the Hilton Washington, D.C., in Gaithersburg, Md. Guests of honor were Carrie Vaughn and Catherynne Valente.

A highlight of the event was a surprise visit by Sir Terry Pratchett, who was able to stay for an hour. Panels were abandoned by attendees and panelists alike to see him. Other highlights for me included meeting editor Scott H. Andrews for the first time and attending an informative workshop led by Michael Capobianco and A.C. Crispin. I also enjoyed meeting the kind folks from the National Capital Panthans, a chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. Their display of Edgar Rice Burroughs old editions was a feast for the eyes. (Why didn’t I take a picture?) Other attendees and panelists included Scott Edelman, Michael Swanwick and Jamie Todd Rubin.

I was under the weather on Saturday, so left early, unfortunately, and didn’t make it to Sunday. I did, however, manage to snap this photo of Sir Terry as he left the event.

Photo: ACF