Adam Corbin Fusco is a writer whose fiction has appeared in
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Realms of Fantasy,
Weird Tales
, and other publications.

In the Foyer

The_Farewell_2_1200x896_ACFThe Farewell

From the Subgallery

“I remember, that at eight years old I walked with him one evening from a farmer’s house, a mile from Ottery — & he told me the names of the stars — and how Jupiter was a thousand times larger than our world — and that the other twinkling stars were Suns that had worlds rolling round them — & when I came home, he showed me how they rolled round. I heard him with profound delight & admiration; but without the least mixture of Wonder or incredulity. For from my early reading of Faery Tales, & Genii etc etc — my mind had been habituated to the Vast.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge